I'm Allan William Martin, a product manager and software engineer in NYC. Anomalus is about creating great technology and products.

Product management lies at the intersection of business strategy, engineering, user experience, and project management. It's a critical side of discovering product-market fit, and its methods claim to provide much needed discipline to startups and companies.

Anomalus is an ongoing experiment in crafting a sober, no-nonsense framework for understanding how to develop products in an ever-changing business climate, without the hype around the popular unicorns and technologies having massive premature investment dumped into them. I'm looking for an approach that balances theory and practice, that clearly explains the most important issues companies and startups should be facing.

Recent Speaking Engagements

The Product School
Guest Product Mentor
2016 July 28

Yale School of Management
Building and Managing Software Teams
Management of Software Development, MGT656
2015 December 9

The Product Group
Featured Product Speaker: Floored
2015 December 3

HackPrinceton 2015
2015 November 11

Design Driven NYC #6
Guest speaker: Designing for 3D
2015 April 15

True University, hosted by True Ventures at Stanford University
Modern Programming Languages: Setting Developers Up For Success
2015 June 15


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