Smirk is a simple silly smiley face maker. Swipe, pinch, and tap your way to a face that really expresses what you mean.

Smirk is designed for serendipity. Poke and prod the face to make something unique. Do the following to make a Smirk:

Smirk - Pinch
Pinch to open/close the mouth.

Smirk - Mouth
Pull on the corners of the mouth.

Smirk - Fill
Tap on a mouth or eye to fill it.

Smirk - Eye
Drag an eye to reshape it.

Smirk - Corner
Pull on the rest of the mouth to shape it.

Smirk - Original
Double-tap to put the smiley back to the original.

– Tap anywhere else to toggle the yellow fill on the face.
– And tap “Share” to send to a friend.

Find a bug or have an idea for a new feature? [See the support page](support).